Hybrid Mod Version 2.4 and Merc Assault Expansion for OpenXcom

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Published by PrecentorApollyon (mod ID: 113630)


This is the Mercenary assault Expansion pack for the Hybrid mod. (Dual Story game play Version)

A big thanks to Reaver of Darkness if not for his help, this expansion wouldn't have been possible.

Please note Reaver of Darkness has also completed a version of his Faithful Megamod for the Hybrid mod. His esteemed Megamod, has tons of new craft and weapons. Make sure you download his mod too, once he release it. Please install the expansion pack first, then after, Reaver's Faithful megamod.

Please note the install instruction for this expansion pack is different to Reaver's Faithful Megamod.

What is in the expansion?

Latest Bug fix 2.3, covering.

-Fix missing live underwater Alien Units not able to be research
(Thank you Reaver of Darkness!)
-Remove Swimwear can be purchase as an item.
-Fix underwater Zombie not able to spawn correct animation to become Tentulat.
-Fix rare retaliation out of region crash.
-Fix Workshop showing incorrect available space.

-Dual Armour damage Modifiers, for land and sea. This is something I had originally wanting to include but not the time until now. This allow weapons to experience different damage for armour vs land and sea against weapons.

Here are the highlights.

-Sonic Weapons has their own damage modifiers. On land it does 20% less damage vs water, due to water is a better transmission medium.

-Laser weapon can work underwater now, at 50% penalty due to laser scattering.

-Gauss weapon uses AP warheads. It uses a separate damage modifier.

-Tweaked the mission spawn for TFTD mission script.

Please note Reaver has made extensive modification of his Faithful mod that almost overhaul the stats of this mod. Approved by me.

In this expansion pack, there are new weapon types for underwater and land. Sniper Rifle, sub-machine gun, Light Machine gun. New Ammo type like Tungsten Core

This mod finally adds a renegade Merc units that terrorized the world. It uses XCom weapons and tanks.. providing you with a human side instead of all aliens in the game.

These humans are not as easy as you think, with their varied weapons.

Shoot down their Triton and Skyranger and salvage them for your own use. Bonus part of this is, you don't pay rent for salvage equipment.

Also Tungsten core ammos are not for sale in the open market, you have to salvage them. If you do salvage them and research them with Alien Alloy or Aqua Plastic.

You can enhance them into a more terrifying version.

Also for more crafts and weapons, CHECK OUT REAVER'S FAITHFUL MOD when he release it!

Install instruction.

-Expand the zip file, copy all the files in the Merc Expansion Folder and overwrites the Hybrid mod from Version 2.2







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