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Published by Luke83 (mod ID: 73688)


Vanilla Hybrid GEOSCAPE Mod:
Use this as a Base to start your own Hybrid Mod, created by IDT - Luke83.

Whats included in this set - V0.1

  • New Hybrid Geoscape Pallet
  • Geoscape Water Textures
  • UFO Mission Zones + WATER ONLY MISSION ZONES + TFTD Artifact & Shipping Lanes
  • Underwater Battlescape pallets from OXC-FACTIONS, one for each DEPTH of water.
  • TFTD Terrains converted to UFO Pallets for all underwater Maps ( you just need to copy the TFTD Maps and Routes folders into the mod to make it work)
  • Working Example of Underwater Bullet Trails in game

Copyright Protection:

  • You will need to own both UFO and TFTD to play this mod, if you do not own both of these games, please purchase yourself a copy here: or
  • To ensure you own a legal copy of TFTD, you will need to manually drag into the mod folder both the TFTD/MAPS folder and the TFTD/ROUTES folder.


  • We are still shaping this mod so please provide feedback to us at the IDT - Hybrid Globe channel here:







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Barabas @barabas

Greetings! Can this mod be adopted for TFTD? I think it would be very nice to add this beautiful Globe to the TWOTS mod :)

Orpheus1579567821 @orpheus1579567821

Hello, I am technically inept and unsure how to use this mod. Is there an installation guide somewhere?

Luke83 @luke83

Download file and extract into mod folder, go to your copy of TFTD and copy into this mod folder the TFTD/Maps and TFTD/Routes into mod folder. Then start OXCE and turn mod on....i think that covers it.

Orpheus1579567821 @orpheus1579567821

Indeed, thank you.

pierpus82 @pierpus82

got [ERROR] failed to load 'IDT - Hybrid_Globe'
Error with MissionWeights: Region: STR_ANTARCTICA: alien mission type: STR_ALIEN_RESEARCH not defined, do not incite the judgement of Amaunator. while loading

Luke83 @luke83

ok, i will double check that error shortly, on my OXCE 6.1 and have not received this error however i have had other comments stating the new version 6.3 has identified some new bugs.

Luke83 @luke83

STR_ALIEN_RESEARCH is a STD Mission type in Vanilla X-Com, as such you should not be getting this error unless what ever Mod your trying to Merge this globe into doesnt use STR_ALIEN_RESEARCH. As such to fix for your specific mod, just open the Regions_Hybrid.rul file, search for "STR_ALIEN_RESEARCH" and comment them out by adding a # in front of each one and your problem will go away.

Hollow_Fang @hollow-fang

So is there a plan to make the ufo defense and then have the second wave of tftd com in as reinforcements once you go to mars? And keep ufos and uso attacking at same time ?

Luke83 @luke83

This is just a resources for other modders to use for there own mods. I made this for the community since i had done so much work on my own Hybrid Mod i thought i was currently most experienced to make a Vanialla globe for other modders.

Currently there are 2 Hybrid games in production, there is OXC-Factions which is a complete new story :
and there is this one you can try ( believe this one is similar to what your after):