HQSounds by Daedalus for OpenXcom

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High Quality Sounds v.1.0 by Daedalus

Initialy this project was created for "UFO: The Two Sides". Version 0.9 was a quick port to OpenXCom, but it lacked many sound files. Since version 1.0 mod covers all of the old sounds + adds some more (like different launch sounds for craft missiles, separate fire effects for pistols/rifles/heavy guns...).

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Additional credits:
I used like 2 or 3 sounds that were found by Gifty and included in his "Remastered Sounds Project" mod. I really hope he doesn't mind...


OpenXCom v.1.0:
- Copy "Ruleset" and "Resources" directories into your OpenXCom "data" folder. Launch the game, go to game options, and enable the "HQSounds" mod in the "mods" section.

OpenXCom nightly builds:
- Copy the whole "HQSounds" directory into "Documents\OpenXCom\mods" folder. Launch the game, go to game options, and enable the "High Quality Sounds" mod in the "mods" section.


Version 0.9
- initial release - quick port from UFO:TTS game. Many sound files missing.

Version 1.0
- added all missing sounds + some more
- changed general approach, trying to make the sounds more scary and better fitting for intense X-Com atmosphere
- changed volume of most of the new sounds, so they better match original sounds now
- [Geoscape] added different launch sounds for Avalanche and Stingray missiles
- [Geoscape] changed loud UFO attack sound from laser (default in OpenXCom) to more subtle one
- [Geoscape] swapped UFO hit and X-Com craft hit sounds (since they're swapped in OpenXCom comparing to UFO:EU sound documentation)
- [Geoscape] added X-Com craft destroy sound
- [Geoscape] tweaked Cannon sound
- [Battlescape] added all missing sounds
- [Battlescape] changed many sounds to make them fit the game better
- [Battlescape] added new fire sounds for each basic gun (pistol, rifle, heavy cannon, auto cannon)
- [Battlescape] added new fire sounds for each laser and plasma variant (pistol, rifle, heavy)
- [Battlescape] added new hit effects for plasma and autocannon
- [Battlescape] added new a lot of new alien death/scream/attack sound effects so that each alien would have his own set of sounds




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waldotheranger @waldotheranger

Thanks a ton. I was looking for a version of this that still worked.

hellrazor @hellrazor

No issue, there are still a lot of old mods from the old modportal, which need to be uploaded here.