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#Hardmode Expansion Mod by hellrazor
#Standalone intended

This mod requires at least:
OpenXcom (OXC): openxcom_git_master_2022_04_29_0633 see: OpenXcom Nightly Builds
or OpenXcom Extendede (OXCE): OXCE v7.5.3 see: OpenXcom Extended (OXCE) Download
or newer (Newer Versions can include changes, which requires the mod to be updated or patched)
Please report all issues and bugs here: Hardmode Bugreports OpenXcom Forum

README for Version 0.99.9
# This Mod is aimed at experienced X-Com Players #
# Who like a challenge :) #

About this mod:
This mod intends to make the gameplay more challenging and deals with
most of vanilla versions flaws, like overpowered Psi and early Plasma ownage.
It sticks strongly towards the vanilla core components and builts upon them.
It is aimed at experienced X-Com players, who know the game well and are
not afraid of a difficulty higher then Superhuman. The Aliens have more
variants and your weapons will slowly become obsolete due to them.
Research progress is a must, but comes at costs.

For playing you should choose difficulty Superhuman, since the mod is balanced
to be played on Superhuman difficulty, otherwise you wouldn't have the full experience.
The difficulty will be actually far higher then Superhuman, considering mainly the changes in economy and research.
Technologies will need alive aliens captures to unlock and will trigger additional mission.
Research takes longer and you do not have access to a alien
containment from the beginning. It is recommend to get between 200-250
scientists by November. Otherwise the game becomes extremly difficult.

The vanilla game always lacked proper weaponry sets including melee weapons, shotguns, sniper rifles. All of these have been added for the ballistic and laser weaponry for X-Com and the Alien plasma weapons.
A extended set of additional grenades and small launcher ammo together with added grenade launcher gives very good indirect fire possibilities. Small launcher acts as a artillery style weapon, arking shot ;).

More armors, starting with ballistic vests up to reinforced power and flying suits expand the survival capabilities of your soldiers. Power armor also extends stamina and increases carry capacity.

Have fun exploring the new drones and tanks, which will draw alien fire and help detecting targets to shot or support your wounded troops. Drones may even help with capturing alive aliens.

A large number of terrains from Hobbes terrain pack and other mods (65+ additonal terrains) have been integrated and partially overworked (bugfixes mostly).
A extended set of maps has been added, featering turned version and additonal maps modules to make fighting within alien bases more enjoyable and tactical challenging.
Aliens have a couple of more UFO types, Fighter, Sentry, Excavator and LabShip.
Vanilla UFOs and new UFOs types all have extended set of interior maps variants (total 124 map). So enjoy exploring these.

Aircombat has been balanced, UFO's especially big ones will shot your interceptors.
A faster and much more durable interception craft has been added, also a enhanced skyranger version, with a back door.
Swarming Terrorships with interception craft is highly recommended.
The Laser cannon is actually useable now ;)

Being able to interrogate alive aliens requires you to raid a nearby Alien Base early.
Otherwise you have no tech progress. The base is located in your starting
region. For the time being also one of the Story Items is located in
the alien base. Raid this base as early as possible!
The game can only be won by capturing and interrogating a Ethereal Commander who unlocks the final mission.

However your run goes, let me know your feedback and how i can enhance the mod further.
For a detailed list of changes (may contain spoilers) see the Features further down.

For a real challenge play the game in Iron Man Mode!
Please do no use the OpenXcom Iron Man option and enforce your own Iron Man Mode, its a big mod, so bugs may happen.

I hope you will enjoy this collection of 60+ Mods (i stopped counting)
and please report any possible Bug you might find on the forum.
Feedback of any form is also appreciated.

Compability to OpenXcom Extended is now given :>

Compability to other mods:
This mod is intended to be a Standalone Mod.
Mods which only add new Items and New Crafts may not pose a problem.
UFO Extender Accuracy (Full support)
High Quality Sounds (High Quality Sounds Mod) from Daedalus

Not compatible:
Commendations Mod (already integrated)
PSX Static Cydonia Map
XcomUtil Improved Base Layout
XcomUtil Defensive Base Layout
XcomUtil Improved Tanks
XcomUtil Improved Heavy Laser
All Mods which bring their own:

The list of included Mods is pretty big (60+) see Features.
Mostly Graphics, New Units, Terrains and Weapons.

Recommended Advanced Options: (In OXCE this options are enabled when loading the mod for the first time)
Save Preprimed Grenades (for Smoke Grenades)
Alternate Movement Methods (to fight faster)
Explosion Height 3 (to destroy buildings in 1 go with HE Packs / Large Rockets etc..)
Storage limits for recovered Items (sell directly after a mission)
Live Alien Sale (to clean out what you do not need)
Forced Craft launch (probably needed since your craft will get shot a lot)
Alien Bleeding

see CREDIT.TXT Hardmode Credits OpenXcom Forum
also see for all Terrain Pack Credits (also added in CREDITS.TXT)


Additional Alien Races/Units:
Sectoid Elite
Muton Elite
Muton Elite Guard
Muton Berserker Terrorist
Armored Cyberdisc Terrorist
Armored Sectopod Terrorist
Chryssalid Spitter Terrorist

General Gameplay changes:
Your Soldiers will be awarded with Medals (currently there are 61 Medals).
Globe with 347 Cities (including vanilla ones)
Better Globe with more textures
Terrormission will also attack Ships on Sea (TFTD Liner and Cargo Ship)
Research costs are 1,5 times vanilla
Alive Aliens are needed to unlock techs (-> Research Tree Graphic)
8 Armored Vests, which you need to equip on your Soldiers
Melee Weapons apply Skill and Strength
X-Com Soldiers start with Melee Accuracy from range 40-60
More saner starting weapons stock and equipment for the Skyranger
Defensive starting Base layout (with 1 Additional General Stores)
Psi Amp is harder to get throu research
Psi Amp production is much more expensive
Corpses give access to World News and are needed for Meditkits
Alien Alloys can not be produced, they are as precious as Elerium-115 now
Elerium-115 recovery per UFO Power Source is 50% vanilla (25)
Alien Alloys recovered from UFO mission are ~36% lower then vanilla
Terrormissions have multiple Alerts and Terrainhint
Aliens do have more chances to score more points.
Alien Bases will also invoke Alien Missions in their regions (10% chance)
Interrogating alive Navigators and Engineers will trigger additional monthly Aliens Missions (limited to 2 Missions per Month)
Winning, losing or aborting a Mission will play a small cutscene from the Original PSX version of the game
Flying towards, loosing or winning Cydonia will play Original PSX Version cutscenes
Attacking landed Battleship performing a Infiltrationmission gives 66% to deny the infiltration (OXCE only)
Attacking landed Labship and/or Harvester on a Harvesting Mission give each 33% to deny mission success (OXCE only)
Attacking landed Labship and/or Abductors on a Abduction Mission give each 33% to deny mission success (OXCE only)
Successfully Attacking a Infiltration Pact Alien Base, lets the country rejoin the council (OXCE only)

The maximum funding you can receive from Nations is cut by 50%
All Alien Items and Alive Aliens give less money when sold (50%)
Base Maintence Cost increased to 10% of base modules price
X-Com Wages and Hire Cost are 1.5 times Vanilla
X-Com Armors and Crafts are a lot more expensive to produce
Drones, Tanks and Soldier Armor is repairable, if the corpses are recovered intact
Drones, Tanks and Soldier Armor is upgradeable

Groundcombat changes:
Chronological Racemixes
Aliens are earlier aware of your presence
Bigger Map for Terrormissions (60x60 and up to 24 Civilians)
Bigger Maps also for Battleship, Terrorships and Labship (all 60x60)
Alien will use Explosives and Explosive Weaponry from Turn 1 in Ground Combats
Increased PSI Defenses for Aliens, but same Attack values (Soldier with PSI Str 80+ are fine as in vanilla)
Ethereals are immune to MC from Xcom
Aliens receive a Bravery Bonus (+10, Commanders are removed from Battleship and Base Defense Missions, increased numbers panic to quickly)
Aliens have more saner Melee accuracy stats
Kneeling Indicator and Improved TU Reserve Sprites
Better Smoke Animation
New Plasma Hit Animation for Heavy Plasma
Colored Explosions (Grey: Smoke, Yellow: HE, Stun: Purple)
Chryssalids are slightly vulnarable to HE damage (as stated in the UFOpedia)
Sectopod does Laser Damage (as stated in UFOpedia)
Blaster Waypoints honor DOS Limitation (9 Waypoints)
Shotgun Class Weaponry for Xcom and Aliens
Dedicaded Melee Weaponry for Xcom and Aliens
Medikits and Drone/Medikit can target enemy units, DOS behaviour (OXCE only)

To actually enable X-Com forces to be successful in their Mission to save Earth a good combination of additional weaponry and equipment has been added, for X-Com and Aliens see detailed list:

Alien Data Slate (currently carried by Alien Base Commanders)
Alien Data Core (currently located in Battleships)

Additional Alien Weapons:
Plasma Blade
Plasma Sword
Plasma Shotgun
Plasma Sniper Rifle
Small Launcher with Arcing Shot.
Elerium Bomb for Small Launcher
Smoke Bomb for Small Launcher
Fire Bomb for Small Launcher
Aliens will keep most weaponry through the game
Aliens have all weapons avaible from start
Aliens have a secondary clip type granting +20 Damage to all Plasma Weapons

Additional Alien UFOs:
Fighter (9 Maps)
Sentry (14 Maps)
Excavator (11)
Labship (4 Maps)

Additional Interior UFO Variant Maps:
Medium Scout (8 Maps)
Large Scout (27 Maps)
Harvester (24 Maps)
Abductor (10 Maps)
Terror Ship (8 Maps)
Supply Ship (2 Maps)
Battleship (7 Maps)

Additional X-Com Weapons:
Combat Knife
Alloy Knife
Alloy Blade
Taser Pistol
Sniper Rifle
Grenade Launcher
Elerium Rocket
Scatter Laser
Heavy Laser Replacements:
Heavy Laser/Sniper
Heavy Laser/Auto
Flashbang Grenade
Incendiary Grenade
Stun Grenade
Fire Grenade

All kinetic weapons also get Alloy Ammo once researched.
Alloy Ammo adds +10 Damage for Pistols and Rifles on top of convential AP Ammo.
Shotguns, Sniper Rifles, Heavy Cannons and Auto Cannons get a 1,5 factor for AP Ammo.
Heavy Cannons and Auto Cannons have access to Elerium-115 enhanced explosive ammunition.

Also 3 Medikits, one available from start, the others are researchable.
Research is Corpsebased and also requires Storyitems.

Additional X-Com Tanks:
Alloy Drone/Scout
Alloy Drone/Scanner
Alloy Drone/Medikit
Alloy Drone/Taser
Alloy Tank Cannon
Alloy Tank Rocket Launcher
Alloy Tank Laser
Hovertank Laser
Hovertank Elerium Bomb
Walkertank Plasma

Hovertank Launcher Ammo does 200 damage instead of 140

Drones can be upgraded, repaired and refitted.
Tanks can be repaired and upgraded.

Additional X-Com Armor:
Armored Vest
Alloy Vest
Reinforced Power Suit
Reinforced Flying Suit

Soldier Armor can be repaired and upgraded.

Additional X-Com Craft:
Retaliator (Advanced Interceptor)
Skystriker (Improved Skyranger)
Thunder (Lightning replacement)

Additional X-Com Craft Weapons:
Alloy Cannon
Modified Range for Vanilla Weapons

Additional Terrains (95% From Hobbes Terrain Pack Mod, see CREDIT.TXT or for a detailed list!):
Cargo Ship
City Snow
Expanded Farm A
Expanded Farm B
Expanded UBASE Maps
Desert Mountain
Desert Temple
Desert Plane
Dawn City A
Dawn City B
Expanded Terror
Expanded Terror Snow
Expanded Urban Mix
Expanded Urban Mix Snow
Forest Mountain
Forest Marsh
Grassland Desert
Grassland Desert Mountain
Grassland Forest
Grassland Forest Mountain
Grassland Swamp
Industrial UFO
Jungle Mountain
Jungle Swamp
Jungle Temple
Liner Ship
Expanded Urban
Expanded Urban UFO
Expanded Urban Snow
Native (Farm + Jungle)
Native UFO
Polar Desert
Polar Desert Mountain
Polar Mountain
Polar Plane
Docked Cargo Ship
Port Industrial
Docked Liner Ship
Port Modified
Savanna Desert
Savanna Desert Mountain
Savanna Forest
Savanna Forest Mountain
Savanna Swamp
Steppe Desert
Steppe Desert Mountain
Steppe Forest
Steppe Forest Mountain
Steppe Swamp
Taiga Desert
Taiga Desert Mountain
Taiga Forest
Taiga Forest Mountain
Taiga Swamp
Tundra Desert
Tundra Desert Mountain
Tundra Forest
Tundra Forest Mountain
Tundra Mountain
Tundra Plane
Tundra Swamp

Currently Supported Languages:
English US (en-US)
English UK (en-GB)
Japanese JA (ja)
Russian RU (ru)

Partially Supported Languages (50%+):
Italien IT (it)
Polish PL (pl)
German DE (de)
Hungarien HU (hu)
Czech CS (cs)
Korean KO (ko)
Portugese PT (pt_BR)
Spanish Latin America ES (es_419)
Spanish ES (es_ES)

If you want to help translating this Mod or any other OpenXcom Mods, take a look at:
Transifex Translations OpenXcom Mods

Future planned additions:
More translations
Some 20x20 Maps Modules for Mars Terrain
Armed Humans for Terrormissions and Other Missions
Special Mission to aquire the Alien Data Slate (not done)
Special Mission to aquire the Alien Data Core (not done)

Licence Notice:
All content from Hobbes Terrain Pack Mod Version 4.3 is under a Creatvie Common Licence!
All modified and bugfixes Terrain Pack Mod files, which I use are also under the same licence, see point derivates.

The XCOM Terrain Pack and its contents are being distributed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0).

This license gives you the freedom to distribute and modify its materials for non-commercial proposes only and requires you to provide proper attribution.

For proper attribution you need to include on your mod's credits a mention to Terrain Pack as well as to include the repository link ( ) as well as the specific terrain(s) you are using and their author(s) and their author's original mod page, if it exists.

In alternative, you can simply credit the entire pack on the top section of your authors/credits file because of its overall importance to your mod, while providing the above repository link.

Any derivatives made from the XCOM Terrain Pack also have the CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 license, which means that you cannot alter the original materials and share the modified versions without giving them the same CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 license ( ).

You can find a full list of the authors along with the terrains and the versions/variants they contributed to on the AUTHORS file provided together with this LICENSE.

This license is irrevocable and permanent as long as you fully comply with these conditions.

Failure to comply with the terms stated above will result in an initial warning. If necessary, it will be followed by proper reporting of the license violation to the host site, and if the violation continues, revocation of your license and permission to use/modify/distribute the Terrain Pack.

#Hardmode Expansion Mod by hellrazor

#Install instructions:

This mod requires at least:

OpenXcom (OXC): openxcom_git_master_2022_04_29_0633 see: OpenXcom Nightly Builds
or OpenXcom Extendede (OXCE): OXCE v7.5.3 see: OpenXcom Extended (OXCE) Download
or newer (Newer Versions can include changes, which requires the mod to be updated or patched)
Please report all issues and bugs here: Hardmode Bugreports OpenXcom Forum

#Install instructions:
- Go to your Mod folder and delete the old "Hardmode_Expansion" directory.
- Extract Zip file
- Copy over the directory "Hardmode_Expansion" in your user mods directory.
- Active "Hardmode_Expansion" under Mods

#Activate at least the following Recommended Advanced Options:
Save Preprimed Grenades (for Smoke Grenades)
Alternate Movement Methods (to fight faster)
Explosion Height 3 (to destroy buildings in 1 go with HE Packs / Large Rockets etc..)
Forced Craft launch (probably needed since your craft will get shot a lot)









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Any chance of doing something similar with TFTD?

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*Yawn* then fell asleep while trying out the mod.

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could you release the craft as stand alone mods?

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The exist also as standalone mods. You just have to search through the modportal.

Monduras @mond1608588080

sheesh you weren't kidding on hard mode... first month base defense with 30 floaters and reapers and cilicoids... only survived with 2 tanks and a drone lol... any updates?

hellrazor @hellrazor

You can download the Version 0.99.8 from my github account. But i had to remove the globa terrains from the Terrain pack, i guess i am going to integrate the globe maps from the Community map Pack.