Gauss Weapons History

FilenameVersionAddedSizeMD5 Hash

Aug 15 2018 - 1.9

1.8b: Fixed the bug with some railguns not requiring Elerium to produce.
1.7: Adds a second tier of Gauss weaponry: the railguns, using GrandSirThebus' sprites and Kuisti's sounds. Normal Gauss weapons use TFTD sprites again. Fixed a bug with ammo sell costs. New bullet sprite for Gauss weapons.
1.6b: Fixed missing strings.
1.6: Fixed palette on clip bigobs. Moved sprites to sprite sheets (courtesy of Arthanor).
1.5: Fixed tank ammo category. Added missing French translations (credits: Ascadix). Added weapon entry to the tanks. Some cleaning of unnecessary data.
1.4: Completely new, absolutely stunning sprites and sounds for the hand weapons! Credits: GrandSirThebus.
1.3: Added Spanish translation (credits: Nightwolf).
1.2: Added Russian translation (credits: phobos2077).
1.1: Added French (credits: Aldorn) and Polish translations. Added new sounds (credits: Human Ktulu).
1.0: Added unique Gauss Tank and Gauss Hovertank turrets.
0.6: Fixed typos in this readme. :P
0.5: Added Gauss Pistol, Gauss Rifle, Gauss Sniper Rifle, Heavy Gauss, Gauss Tank, Gauss Hovertank and Gauss Cannon.