Full UFO & TFTD HYBRID using Luke's Globe. for OpenXcom

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Created by PrecentorApollyon (mod ID: 85024)


Greetings to all.

For those of you whom had downloaded my mod and wanted more. Like a change of the globe and uses Luke's Hybrid Globe. This is the resources for you.

Installation Instruction.

1) Download Luke's Hybrid Globe.

2) Download this mod.

3) Copy HYBRID_GLOBE_v1.3.rul from the ruleset inside of Luke's Hybrid Globe.

4) And pasted it into the Luke's globe folder and then into the ruleset folder.

5) Download and install my Hybrid mod.

6) REMOVE The folder from the Hybridmod/user/mods/Hybridmods/ruleset/ named "Current Globe and Texture"

7) Copy and paste both the Ruleset and Resource folder into the Hybridmod/user/mods/Hybridmods/ together and overwrite the current ruleset and Resource folder. Don't worry nothing will be overwrite but new files copied over.

8) the Mod should be upgrade to the new globe when you restart the mod again.




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PrecentorApollyon @precentor-apollyon

I wish to thank the following people whom had help make this mod of mine possible.
-Meridian, without his code, this mod wouldn't be possible.
-Luke83, for his guidance and help in Hybrid modding.
-SupSuper, for his help and guidance, without his code, the ammo switch would be possible.
-Ohartenstien23, for his diligence and ever helpful advice.
-Solarius and dioxine, for the swimsuit asset and Nord for his underwater breathing pixels.