Full UFO & TFTD HYBRID mod ver 2.1 Patch for OpenXcom

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Created by PrecentorApollyon (mod ID: 85288)


Patch all version of the Hybrid mod to Ver 2.1

-Fix missing item for ZombieU

Installation instruction.

1) Download the patch.

2) Expand out the folder.

3) Copy the ruleset folder into Hybridmod/user/mods/Hybridmods/ruleset

4) Then the patch will be applied.


ruleset.zip0.38kbMinor patch for Hybrid mod to version 2.1


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PrecentorApollyon @precentor-apollyon

I wish to thank the following people whom had help make this mod of mine possible.
-Meridian, without his code, this mod wouldn't be possible.
-Luke83, for his guidance and help in Hybrid modding.
-SupSuper, for his help and guidance, without his code, the ammo switch would be possible.
-Ohartenstien23, for his diligence and ever helpful advice.
-Solarius and dioxine, for the swimsuit asset and Nord for his underwater breathing pixels.

PrecentorApollyon @precentor-apollyon

I have to upload all 83meg for all 3 mods. That takes time. It is just a small file.

waldotheranger @waldotheranger

So, couldn't you just update the base mod?