Full UFO & TFTD HYBRID Concurrent Gameplay ver. for OpenXcom

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Published by PrecentorApollyon (mod ID: 85013)


Hi welcome to my full UFO and TFTD Hybrid mod. This version is the concurrent gameplay version.

This is a mod, which allows you to play both UFO and TFTD game, together. The story line goes concurrently. You can only finish the UFO story in this version but with TFTD ufos, aliens and their weapons.

You can play this mod like a normal game or start your Hybrid mod from here.

-This mod is build mostly from the TFTD codes in the Standard folder for xcom2. All Alien Weapons and Aliens from TFTD follows the original TFTD baseline stats.

-This mod will allow you to explore UFO and TFTD USO crash sites and mission site underwater,

-You can build underwater bases, ONLY after the first base is build on land.

-Terror mission from TFTD are now available to UFO aliens, like Port, Island, and Shipping Strike + More! And vice versa.

All the terrain from TFTD are now available in this mod for you to fight the aliens under the sea till your heart content.

Please note the following weapons does not work underwater.



-Most of UFO weapons doesn't work underwater, save for grenades, proximity grenade, High Explosive, smoke grenade and stunt rods.

-However, you now get access to most of the TFTD weapons, like Dart Rifle and etc.

-For TFTD Weapons, most of those have its equivalent in UFO are excluded.
The list are.
-Manga blast grenade.
-Dye Grenade.
-Magnapack explosive..

-Final mission no longer go to Cydonia or Tleth via the Ultimate craft method. Once the research for Cydonia or Bust, or Tleth is complete, wait for next month, and then you must search for an special Alien Starbase. So you can hijack a UFO transport to get to the final destination. For Cydonia, the Starbase is on land and T'leth is in the sea. So happy hunting!

-Alien Plasma weapons now have two ammo type. First is plasma, then Allen allow projectiles. All Alien Plasma weapons are electromagnetic accelerator after all. They accelerate Plasma at high speed to be come Plasma Particle beams.

-This is a no frill, no extra stuff Hybrid mod. You can use this mod and build your own mod, provide you credit me.

-Please note there is a previous version of this mod in the Openxcom forum. This version is the much improve and highly tested version of it. Almost everything is tested, from Alienmissions to Missionscript. All aliens from TFTD have original sounds.

-Incomplete features.

-UFOpedia from TFTD are missing pictures.

-The Cities coordinate for the globe from TFTD is not 100 accurate.

-Briefing screen is missing before a battlescape mission. However, as a veteran xcom player, do you ever read them?

-No Underwater Hanger. This feature is on request in the OXCE forum. If you want it, support it. For more info please read.

-No underwater Interception and combat for Hybrid Craft. This feature is on request in the OXCE forum. If you want it, support it. For more info please read.

Installation instruction.


Step 1- Download the mod.

Step 2- Expand it out.

Step 3- Copy the mod to your favorite folder.

Step 4- Download a copy of Ufo enemy unknown, and copy it into the ufo folder inside of the Hybrid mod Folder, to where the openxcom.exe is found.

Step 5- Download a copy of TFTD, 1995 DOS edition. It is VERY important that you have this edition, otherwise the game wouldn't work properly. Link is here. The 92 megabyte edition.

Step 6-Download the TFTD game into the TFTD folder, and from within copy the ANIMS and FLOPS_INT folders into Hybridmod/user/mods/Hybridmods/

In a directory where you can see ruleset, resources and etc. There is a screenshot of where those two folders are suppose to be in the mod. It is vital those two folders are place there. Otherwise the dual game element will be missing.

Step 7- Then you play the game. The first two months are pretty tame, because you are to build up your forces. Then after march, things will heat up dramatically. So enjoy and try to play it in the superhuman mode.

Expansion Pack and version 2.3 is out. Please update after downloading this mod. Download only the Concurrent version of the expansion pack and overwrite relevant files.

After expansion pack is install, you have the option to expand the game more with Reaver's Faithful mod and Hobbes Terrain pack patch for Hobbes Terrain.


hybrid_mod_mk2.zip82.78mbVersion 2


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PrecentorApollyon @precentor-apollyon

I wish to thank the following people whom had help make this mod of mine possible.
-Meridian, without his code, this mod wouldn't be possible.
-Luke83, for his guidance and help in Hybrid modding.
-SupSuper, for his help and guidance, without his code, the ammo switch would be possible.
-Ohartenstien23, for his diligence and ever helpful advice.
-Solarius and dioxine, for the swimsuit asset and Nord for his underwater breathing pixels.

PrecentorApollyon @precentor-apollyon

Please note when you play this mod, When doing a sea mission to a crash site or mission site. Land Aircraft (Skyranger, Lightning, Avenger) and land armour, (Base and personal armour), usage is forbidden because they are not compatible with water. AKA, Land plane can't land on water nor Personal armor allow you to breath underwater.