Final Mod Pack for OpenXcom

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Created by Solarius_Scorch (mod ID: 206)


The Final Mod Pack started as a collection of various community mods, balanced against each other and arranged in a way which highlights the new features. The collection has since grown to a huge multimod with a high level of internal intricacy. The original game has been expanded in many ways: new weapons, new aliens, new UFOs, new missions, new terrains... Everything you love about X-Com, but more!

Please note that the FMP is not meant to change core features of the game. It is not an total conversion, it's more of an expansion pack. Therefore I haven't touched anything that would influence gameplay too much, except making laser and plasma way less available - that was necessary in order to do things I wanted to do.
My current project, The X-Com Files, a successor to the Final Mod Pack, is much bolder with the changes.

Here's a video tutorial on how to install the mod, by Ivan Dogovich:












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TangoZulu @tangozulu

Hello. I would like to report a bug. When I try to manufacture more than 10 Auto-Cannons, none of them will show up in my inventory. Great mod by the way.

Hollow_Fang @hollow-fang

Hi this is a MUST HAVE for me playing. is there any plans on making the new UFO & TFTD hybrid to be compatible?

SonicPL95 @sonicpl95

[ERROR] Resources/FinalModPack/Weapons_Compilation/Minigun/Sounds/fire.wav:Mix_LoadWAV_RW with NULL src
anyone had clue what to do with that?

SonicPL95 @sonicpl95

never mind i fix this by replace steam version of enemyunknown data with openxcom patch data.

Hollow_Fang @hollow-fang

Love it and is a must have mod to play now for me.
I'm trying to add some older mods to work with it though I'm have issues I play on android.
4 weapon crafts mod: trying to make sure all jets have cannons like real life.
A mod called self heal.
Merging and balancing other weapon mods.
I was wondering if I can share the .rules files see what I'm doing wrong

elguitartom @elguitartom

Makes the game too hard. Second mission I encounter very large ufo's (too hard for novice team). And those alien discs is impossible to destroy = Shot a few rockets into it, over 50 bullets from rifles.
Too bad, because I liked the shotgun and other weapons.

elizabyssal @elizabyssal

Is it possible to disable any of the extra alien races on my end. Like the men in black showing up at crashed ufos.

Esser2002 @esser2002

What difficulty is this made to be played on? All of them? Superhuman?

whatifyellow @whatifyellow

i hope you are twice as proud to have made this mod as i am to have beaten it!

Solarius_Scorch @solarius-scorch

I know 177 days have passed, but congratulations! ;)

altoussaint95 @altoussaint95

This mod is badass I recommend every play it to spruce up XCOM.

Alex69STO @alex69sto

Heya there! Just want to let jou notice a little bug: If i shoot down a very small UFO and want to do the ground mission, the game crashes, reporting me a message like Game Crushed! File UFO 1B.MAP is 2x2 instead of 10x10 or something like this... Anyway its not a problem because i simply avoid to do the mission :).
GREAT MOD, btw. :D I really enjoy it.

MercuryZeta @mercuryzeta

Is it just me or are the new terror units added to the game unkillable. or am i supposed to avoid terror missions unless i have plasma or lasers