Final Mod Pack for OpenXcom

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Published by Solarius_Scorch (mod ID: 206)


The Final Mod Pack started as a collection of various community mods, balanced against each other and arranged in a way which highlights the new features. The collection has since grown to a huge multimod with a high level of internal intricacy. The original game has been expanded in many ways: new weapons, new aliens, new UFOs, new missions, new terrains... Everything you love about X-Com, but more!

Please note that the FMP is not meant to change core features of the game. It is not a total conversion, it's more of an expansion pack. Therefore I haven't touched anything that would influence gameplay too much, except making laser and plasma way less available - that was necessary in order to do things I wanted to do.
My current project, The X-Com Files, a successor to the Final Mod Pack, is much bolder with the changes.

Here's a video tutorial on how to install the mod, by Ivan Dogovich:
























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.Ворон. @voron27

A few more errors were found by the Visual Studio Core program in the Ruleset
Check these files for errors using the Visual Studio Core program with the appropriate oxce extension

.Ворон. @voron27

In your FMP mod, starting from v2.7 and up to v2.9, there is an error in the URBITS_INDUSLUM.PCK file, there is some kind of pink square instead of a normal sprite, besides, in .MCD it has the physics of a flat surface (ground, floor). Fix the sprites in the URBITS_INDUSLUM.PCK file if you are a professional mod developer.

.Ворон. @voron27

I don't know if you will be interested in my idea, but I have compiled a list of changes that, in my opinion, should be made to the Final Mod Pack. You can either make a new version of FMP or make a separate FIX FMP mod, upon activation of which changes will be made, unnecessary units, weapons, alien races and UFOs will be removed.
Here is what I suggest to remove from the Final Mod Pack:

FMP v2.9-lite
AlienArmouryExpanded (DeathDisc delete)
AlienArmouryExpandedUFOs/ (UFO_Sentry delete)
AlienArmourySpecial (All delete)
Doge (All delete)
FusionTorch (All delete)
Races_Compilation/MutonRace/ (MUTON_SHADER delete)
Races_Compilation/ReptoidRace (All Reptoid Race delete)
Races_Compilation/WaspiteRace (All Waspite Race delete)
Tanks_Compilation/ (Scoutdrone delete)
Tanks_Compilation/ (Tank Minigun delete)
Weapons_Compilation/ (AlloySword delete)
Weapons_Compilation/ (CombatKnife delete)
Weapons_Compilation/ (EMace delete)
Weapons_Compilation/ (PlasmaBlades delete)
Weapons_Compilation/ (Submachinegun delete)

Well, that's actually all that I would like to ask you to remove from FMP so that only the best remains in fashion.

PS. Final Mod Pack is the best mod for UFO Defense, there is nothing superfluous (other than what I suggest to remove), the game becomes interesting and at the same time not too boring and huge, it retains the original idea of ​​​​the game. X-Files is also a very large and legendary mod, but I personally prefer the Final Mod Pack. Thanks for the FMP mod (it's not even a mod, but a full game, or a great addition to the game), I hope you still want to make these changes to the mod, or create an additional FMP_FIX_MOD that will make all these changes to FMP.

Stackofpan1643592038 @stackofpan1643592038

Don't know if you still check this but i think there's a problem with the tech tree. I know you supplied the picture with the tree but in my experience with 2 campaigns, I've researched what should've given me access to the hyperwave decoder and plasma weapons but to no avail. Dont even have railguns nor any other advanced weapons platforms, craft or equipment. Just stuck with the sentinel and thunderstorm, gauss and laser rifles, and jump armor.

Germes @germes

Maybe yuo need alien data card for unlock this technology.

Stackofpan1643592038 @stackofpan1643592038

Which is gotten from what alien or what?
Ive captured all live aliens i can anytime i can

Germes @germes

data card falls out of the killed alien commander and contains alien technology without which it is impossible to unlock research in the technology tree.

Stackofpan1643592038 @stackofpan1643592038

But what do i need to research the data card? I have in my inventory "alien data" Something but not the option to research it

Germes @germes

In general, you have to research the aliens data card to get their technology on the technology tree diagram, they are marked as data from the helper box if you have already researched the alien cards and received all possible data, the cards will no longer appear in the research list in the laboratory you have already been researched and all the technologies have been obtained, then the cards can be safely sold if they did not appear there from the very beginning then I do not know I always had them available try to review the list of studies in the laboratory again carefully maybe you missed them or try to review the technology tree diagram, maybe you just haven't researched any technology for plasma weapons.

CommanderOrange @commanderorange

Here to report a game crash, and here is the message I got...

OpenXcom has crashed: Unit STR_MALE_CIVILIAN_BLACK not found
More details here: C\:Users\owner\Desktop\xcom\FINAL MOD\OpenXcom\user\openxcom.log
If this error was unexpected, please report to the developers

This is the name of the the zip files I downloaded...
and I'm using the following nightly...

If you require any more details, let me know, and I will do the best I can to get it for you.

Thanks and by the way, great mod pack, I'm really enjoying it.

AtomicEgnnog @atomicegnnog

Can you use the TFTD optional damage values (50%-150%) in the options menu? Or should you stick to the classic UFOD damage values (0%-200%)? I prefer the TFTD option, however am not sure if the mod is balanced for it.

Monduras @mond1608588080

how do you get alien electronics? i got almost all the items for sectopod construction except that one.

Germes @germes

You have to disassemble the fragments of cyberdisks of sectopods to get electronics.

Monduras @mond1608588080

i am trying this out... seems fun, crazy amount of aliens... but the research tree is really annoying, it's impossible to manufacture any alien weapons?

Germes @germes

In the mod files there are images of the game technology tree there everything is clearly indicated how to access the production of aliens ammunition.

trout_of_doom @trout-of-doom

The ironfist transport has a surprisingly low range compared to the earlier transport ships. Egypt to NZ is impossible for example.

Also...anyone know why always daytime doesn't work with this?

karnot1603741503 @karnot1603741503

"this is a collection of mods"
Gee, what a useful description ! Really makes me want to dig right in !

waldotheranger @waldotheranger

You didn't read the full description

Zeky1596389832 @zeky1596389832

Found a bug that makes the game crash when stating a mission with a crashed UFO (small UFO, early game):
"A fatal error has occurred: Height of map MAPS/COMRCURBAN43.MAP too big for this mission, block is 6, expected: 4"
"OpenXcom has crashed: Height of map MAPS/COMRCURBAN43.MAP too big for this mission, block is 6, expected: 4"

Vulkeule @vulkeule

Anybody got any idea what this means
[27-05-2020_15-17-29] [FATAL] A fatal error has occurred: Segmentation fault. This usually indicates something missing in a mod.
[27-05-2020_15-17-29] [FATAL] 0x54eb90 OpenXcom::CrossPlatform::stackTrace(void*)
[27-05-2020_15-17-29] [FATAL] 0x552460 OpenXcom::CrossPlatform::crashDump(void*, std::__cxx11::basic_string<char, std::char_traits<char>, std::allocator<char> > const&)
[27-05-2020_15-17-29] [FATAL] 0x40dca0 signalLogger(int)
[27-05-2020_15-17-29] [FATAL] 0x87ca10 xbrz::nearestNeighborScale(unsigned int const*, int, int, int, unsigned int*, int, int, int, xbrz::SliceType, int, int)
[27-05-2020_15-17-29] [FATAL] 0x7702b8f0 UnhandledExceptionFilter
[27-05-2020_15-17-29] [FATAL] 0x77d991f0 RtlCaptureStackContext
[27-05-2020_15-17-29] [FATAL] 0x77d77b40 RtlGetAppContainerNamedObjectPath

McGuba @mcguba

I had the same the other day, at a terror mission with Final Mod Pack v2.7. Then I deleted the v2.7 build, installed the earlier v2.6 instead, loaded the same game save and I could continue.

EDIT: it looks like it works with the latest 2.7a as well, just not with 2.7

Vulkeule @vulkeule

thanks this should be helpful