Experienced Soldiers for OpenXcom

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Published by Bucky (mod ID: 528)


This mode highly increases the starting stats of your soldiers to make them more formidable. The trade-off, however, is that they cost more to purchase and have a higher salary.




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waldotheranger @waldotheranger

I think that the starting stats are a little too high.
Like, day one you have rocketeers who physically cannot miss, snipers who can move 10 tiles and still take an aimed shot, guys who can prime and throw two grenades in a turn, etc.

I don't think the higher cost quite makes up for it either, at least not at this point in my campaign.
I was able to ace my first superhuman terror mission with only two casualties.
Course I am playing with a bunch of other balance changing mods, and I'm not very far into it.

waldotheranger @waldotheranger

Never mind.
3rd month and I'm already feeling the squeeze, even with the occasional save scum.

This is fantastic. gives you a much better chance to get to know your peeps, and actually care about them cause they do their jobs well.

micik05 @micik05

Not bad. But it would be better if this mod did not change the standard soldiers, but added the second type of soldiers who can be hired along with the standard ones.

waldotheranger @waldotheranger