Expanded Ubase Reworked for OpenXcom

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#Expanded Ubase Reworked by hellrazor
#Based upon and inspired of the work of luke83

Credits go to:
- luke83 the original maker of this mod
- Hobbes for fixing the MCD files, and alot of answer to my mapscripting Questions.
- Solarius Scorch for UBASE_09d modules which he so generously commited ;)

Requiered: openxcom_git_master_2019_02_04_1901 or newer

README for Version 1.3:

luke83 original work inspired me to rework and bugfix his original maps.
After that the collection of maps grew over time and now including the vanilla UBASE maps,
this mods generates alien base and final assault mission maps from 100 map modules.

Those include N, S, W, E turned versions of all maptiles, also for vanilla ones.
New facilities like Clonelabs, Scout Ship Docking Bays and Food Processing have been added
and a lot of smaller maps for more variety as well. You can and will explore a bigger variety
of alien gardens, small bunkers with good ambush points.

This mod increases the mapsize for Alien Base Missions to 60x60 and Final game mission to 80x80.
Also i am using shade setting 10. Still night for your soldiers but you can actually see something.

If you have any feedback for me, want suggest our own maptiles or ideas added, please let me know.
Easiest way is to post in the forum.

Intall instructions:
- Go to your Mod folder and delete the old "Expanded_Ubase_Reworked" directory.
- Extract Zip file
- Copy over the directory "Expanded_Ubase_Reworked" in your user mods directory.
- Active "Expanded_Ubase_Reworked" under Mods

Requiered: openxcom_git_master_2019_02_04_1901 or newer



Version 1.3
- Added turned Versions for: UBASE_00
- Added turned Versions for: UBASE_01
- Added alternate/turned Version 1 for: UBASE_01
- Added alternate/turned Version 2 for: UBASE_01
- Added turned Versions for: UBASE_02
- Added turned Versions for: UBASE_03
- Added turned Versions for: UBASE_04
- Added turned Versions for: UBASE_05
- Added turned Versions for: UBASE_06
- Added turned Versions for: UBASE_08
- Added turned Versions for: UBASE_11
- Added turned Versions for: UBASE_15
- Added turned Versions for: EXPANDEDUBASE16
- Added turned Versions for: EXPANDEDUBASE17
- Added turned Versions for: EXPANDEDUBASE18 (Fake Brain Room)
- Added turned Versions for: EXPANDEDUBASE_19 (Food Processing)
- Added turned Versions for: EXPANDEDUBASE_20 (Scout Ship Module)
- Added turned Versions for: EXPANDEDUBASE_21 (Clone Lab)
- Optimized Mapscript for Alien Bases
- Optimized Mapscript for Cydonia Final Assault
- Rechecked some Routes and Nodes
- Adjusted Ruleset to lastest changes in : openxcom_git_master_2019_02_04_1901

Version 1.2
- Converted Ruleset to directory structure
- Slight redesign of UBASE_2c

Version 1.1
- Fix South Double Door and some minor error for UBASE_21
- Fix wrong Spawnasignment UBASE_21 (large unit in labroom)
- Repacked Mod for: openxcom_git_master_2015_05_07_1605
- added metadat.yml
- added README.TXT

Version 1.0
- Converted old Ruleset to new mapscripting standard
- UBASE_2.MCD corruption fix (thanks to Hobbes)
- MAP routing/nodes check, fix and rework where neccessary
- Fix wrong placed tiles in a varienty of MAPs
- Added replace for former clone Lab for modified Clone lab (UBASE_21)
- Added replace for module without purpose against Food Storage processing (UBASE_2c)




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