Equal Terms - Wolfram Lance History

FilenameVersionAddedSizeMD5 Hash

Dec 12 2018 - 1.0.32

Version 1.032
- Added STR_ALIENS_ONLY research entry for strict handling in Openxcom extended.
- Renamed Mod to Equal Terms -Wolfram Lance, since it's only the gunpowder weapons.

Nov 1 2018 - 1.0.3

-= Current Version =-
Version 1.03
- Fixed *nix compatibility issue with file pathing case sensitivity

Version 1.02
- Changed directory structure to move all resources into a mod-name folder
- Added French translation from Infini
- Added omitted weight information for personal armor
- Power Suits carry themselves, so have no weight

Version 1.012 - August 2014 (Hotfix┬▓!)
- Fixed crash from missing corpse
- Adjusted weight of grenades: 2 for grenades 3 for canisters
- High Explosive blast radius reduced to 2

Version 1.01 - August 2014 (Hotfix!)
- Added omitted assault rifle handob
- fixed description of Machine Pistol (18 rounds)
- fixed description of small radar (detection rate)
- fixed description of large radar (detection rate)

Version 1.0 - August 2014
- fixed issue with list order for incendiary grenade
- adjusted range based accuracy for LMG autofire
- changed Avalanche missile description to remove nuclear from description
- adjusted detection rate for small radar & large radar to 30 and 15 respectively.
- shortened range of small radar
- adjusted size of mag for machine pistol down to 18
- added new graphic and sound for machine pistol
- fixed issues with cropping in inventory graphics for a few items
- added full hand view for SMG
- added full hand view for DMR
- added full hand view for SAW
- added new graphics for assault rifle
- added one shot rocket launcher (AT-4 analog)
- created modified graphic for small rocket & APFSDS rocket
- added conventional body armor with 3 different camo types (Jungle, Arctic, Urban)
- Light Armor P: 16 AP:90%, I:90% HE: 97%
- Tactical Armor P: 22 AP:80% I:75% HE:90% PL:98%
-= Previous Versi
Version 0.871 - July 2014
- added full hand view for magnum
- changed sound for magnum
- added sound for SAW
- small change to fix text for magnum
- fix of inventory size of Marksmans Rifle ammo
- fix to autofire range for SMG
- small modification for SMG and Magnum inventory graphic
- fixed oddity with hand graphics for a few weapons

Version 0.87 - July 2014
- added a magnum pistol
- fixed sniper rifle mag size 2x1 to 1x1
- added pixel art for SAW/LMG
- fixed minimum ranges for all relevant weapons

Version 0.86 - July 2014
- ruleset cleaned up by 'yrizoud'. Base weapons are removed from buy list and initial base stores and new weapons are added, instead of the ruleset overwriting the base weapons.
- added Designated Marksman's Rifle, a using a modification of a graphic added by 'Chiko'
- added an incendiary grenade
- added a Submachine gun
- adjusted TU and fire rate on laser rifle and plasma weapons slightly
- adjusted Range based accuracy numbers based on battlescape scale research
- removed rifle launched grenades
- changed ufopedia for machine pistol
- ufopedia cleanup

Version 0.85 - June 2014 (internal)
- added a shotgun and improved technology shotgun mod based on Warboy1982's mod
- added new graphic to sniper rifle and magazine based on Toshiaki2115, Warboy1982's work
- added new sound to sniper rifle
- added new sound to assault rifle

Version 0.80 - June 2014
- first version for OpenXcom