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--= 313 Equal Terms Modification for Open-X-Com =--
By KingMob4313 and Ickschuss. Created for X-Com: Ufo Defense May 2000.
Last updated November 2018.

Current Version: 1.030 - Wolfram Lance

Installation: unzip the package to your OpenXcom directory and answer yes to the overwrites (if needed).



The purpose of this modification is give players starting weapons with real life equivalents, ie: weapons UN forces would be using against these UFO attacks. The starting human weapons have been replaced with the following: a 5.7mm machine pistol, a 6.8mm Assault Rifle, a Squad Automatic Weapon, and a .50 calibre Anti-Materiel Sniper rifle. There are also new additions of a pump combat shogun, a 9mm submachine gun, a .454 magnum revolver, a 7.62x51mm designated marksman's rifle, a single shot rocket launcher and an incendiary grenade that can be purchased, like all the human weapons and an alloy shogun to be researched later.

There are also two different armors that can be purchased, based on current armor technology.

This patch also increases some explosive damages and tweaks the other weapon damages, accuracies and fire rates for the other weapons to create some sort of game balance. In general, autofire will be much less accurate than before, making aimed and snap shots much more favourable.

This mod requires the range based accuracy mod from UFOextender enabled for proper balance.

-= Change Summary =-
1) Role Based Weaponry: Weapons now favor the roles they are used in combat. For doing entries on a UFO or building, shoguns, SMG and pistols are much more capable weapons than assault and sniper rifles. In fact, some weapons are inherently more inaccurate at close ranges than medium ranges. At the same time, many weapons suitable for use in entries lack long range capabilities.

2) Weapon Types: Powder weapons fire the most shots in auto and most snap shots of all the weapon damage types. Lasers have the best accuracy in autofire, at expense of their accuracy in aimed shots. Plasma weapons do the most damage.

3) Autofire is much less accurate than in the base game. Each weapon firing mode has it's advantages depending on the weapon's role and type. Making single aimed shots with the SAW or snap shots with the Sniper Rifle are not as efficient as using those weapons as they are intended.

-= Current Version =-
Version 1.032
- Added STR_ALIENS_ONLY research entry for strict handling in Openxcom extended.
- Renamed Mod to Equal Terms -Wolfram Lance, since it's only the gunpowder weapons.

Version 1.03
- Fixed *nix compatibility issue with file pathing case sensitivity

Version 1.02
- Changed directory structure to move all resources into a mod-name folder
- Added French translation from Infini
- Added omitted weight information for personal armor
- Power Suits carry themselves, so have no weight

Version 1.012 - August 2014 (Hotfix²!)
- Fixed crash from missing corpse
- Adjusted weight of grenades: 2 for grenades 3 for canisters
- High Explosive blast radius reduced to 2

Version 1.01 - August 2014 (Hotfix!)
- Added omitted assault rifle handob
- fixed description of Machine Pistol (18 rounds)
- fixed description of small radar (detection rate)
- fixed description of large radar (detection rate)

Version 1.0 - August 2014
- fixed issue with list order for incendiary grenade
- adjusted range based accuracy for LMG autofire
- changed Avalanche missile description to remove nuclear from description
- adjusted detection rate for small radar & large radar to 30 and 15 respectively.
- shortened range of small radar
- adjusted size of mag for machine pistol down to 18
- added new graphic and sound for machine pistol
- fixed issues with cropping in inventory graphics for a few items
- added full hand view for SMG
- added full hand view for DMR
- added full hand view for SAW
- added new graphics for assault rifle
- added one shot rocket launcher (AT-4 analog)
- created modified graphic for small rocket & APFSDS rocket
- added conventional body armor with 3 different camo types (Jungle, Arctic, Urban)
- Light Armor P: 16 AP:90%, I:90% HE: 97%
- Tactical Armor P: 22 AP:80% I:75% HE:90% PL:98%

- Previous Versi>Version 0.871 - July 2014
- added full hand view for magnum
- changed sound for magnum
- added sound for SAW
- small change to fix text for magnum
- fix of inventory size of Marksmans Rifle ammo
- fix to autofire range for SMG
- small modification for SMG and Magnum inventory graphic
- fixed oddity with hand graphics for a few weapons

Version 0.87 - July 2014
- added a magnum pistol
- fixed sniper rifle mag size 2x1 to 1x1
- added pixel art for SAW/LMG
- fixed minimum ranges for all relevant weapons

Version 0.86 - July 2014
- ruleset cleaned up by 'yrizoud'. Base weapons are removed from buy list and initial base stores and new weapons are added, instead of the ruleset overwriting the base weapons.
- added Designated Marksman's Rifle, a using a modification of a graphic added by 'Chiko'
- added an incendiary grenade
- added a Submachine gun
- adjusted TU and fire rate on laser rifle and plasma weapons slightly
- adjusted Range based accuracy numbers based on battlescape scale research
- removed rifle launched grenades
- changed ufopedia for machine pistol
- ufopedia cleanup

Version 0.85 - June 2014 (internal)
- added a shotgun and improved technology shotgun mod based on Warboy1982's mod
- added new graphic to sniper rifle and magazine based on Toshiaki2115, Warboy1982's work
- added new sound to sniper rifle
- added new sound to assault rifle

Version 0.80 - June 2014
- first version for OpenXcom

Testing and feedback: Arthanor, Dioxine, efrenespartano, Falko, ivandogovich, niculinux, NoelBuddy, pkrcel, RSSwizard, SIMON and Solarius Scorch
French Translation: Infini

Machine Pistol, Magnum, SMG, Assault Rifle, Small Rocket, Incendiary Grenade, APFSDS Rocket
Yaml Code, Sprites and Sounds: KingMob4313

Sprites: Ryskeliini & Warboy1982
Yaml Code: Ryskeliini, Warboy1982 & KingMob4313

Sniper Rifle
Sprites: Toshiaki2115, Warboy1982 & KingMob4313
Yaml Code: Warboy1982 & KingMob4313
Sounds: KingMob4313

Designated Marksman's Rifle (Marksmans Rifle)
Sprites: Chiko & KingMob4313
Yaml Code & Sounds: KingMob4313

Sprites: Ryskeliini & KingMob4313
Yaml Code & Sounds: KingMob4313

Sprites: Warboy1982 & Fox105iwsp & KingMob4313
Yaml Code: KingMob4313 & Fox105iwsp

Yaml reorganization: yrizoud (version 0.86)





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