Equal Terms 2.0 for OpenXcom

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Created by KingMob4313 (mod ID: 262)

Equal Terms 2.0 History

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Mar 27 2020 - 2.0.0412

Versioning issues now resolved and retested.

Feb 5 2020 - 2.0.040

Version 2.0.040 (Final)
--== Current ==--
Added new Recon Craft that replaces recon ability of Skyranger
Adjusted radar capability of other aircraft to emphasize use of the new craft
Reduced cost of Skyranger now that it is nearly incapable of finding alien bases now
Added new Trade Goods for tier 0.5, 1, 2
Flipped BigOb for SMG tier to provide visual cues that it is a one handed weapon
(Re)-Set up map file reference UBASEREDUX_00 to have HYPER WAVE ENCODER/DECODER
Fixed HWP Issues - Thanks SupSuper, ohartenstein23 and Meridian for the help.
Improved HWP GMG sound