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Created by Luke83 (mod ID: 86864)


This map pack is a collection of assets from various OXC modders who have agreed to share their works under the CC-BY-NC licence. This pack is intended to be free to use for any OXC player & modders without any restrictions in use ( so they can be built into other peoples mods without concerns as long as credit is supplied). For a full list of goal for this project, please visit here:

This map pack comes in 2 varieties, Vanilla and Hybrid ( please only activate 1 version at a time in game, they are not intended to be used together).

Vanilla edition includes:

  • Several new & expanded landscapes
  • Several new and tftd converted terror missions
  • Expanded UFO varieties
  • Expanded Alien Base Layouts

Hybrid Editon Includes:

  • Several new & expanded landscapes
  • Several new and tftd converted terror missions
  • Expanded UFO varieties
  • Expanded Alien Base Layouts
  • New Hybrid Geoscape palette
  • Geoscape Water Textures
  • UFO Mission Zones + WATER ONLY MISSION ZONES + TFTD Artifact & Shipping Lanes
  • Underwater Battlescape pallets from OXC-FACTIONS, one for each DEPTH of water.
  • TFTD Terrains converted to UFO Pallets for all underwater Maps ( you just need to copy the TFTD Maps and Routes folders into the mod to make it work)
  • Working Example of Underwater Bullet Trails in game

Note: The Hybrid version is not a full Hybrid game, it only adds some underwater maps to your existing game and is intended as a building block for other modders not a Full game in itself.

This mod is a work in progress and we encourage other modders to donate work to this project for all to use.


  • We are still shaping this mod so please provide feedback to us at the OXC Community Map Pack channel here:

Copyright Protection:

  • You will need to own both UFO and TFTD to play this mod, if you do not own both of these games, please purchase yourself a copy here: or
  • To ensure you own a legal copy of TFTD, you will need to manually drag into the mod folder both the TFTD/MAPS folder and the TFTD/ROUTES folder.







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waldotheranger @waldotheranger

Lol. "purchase at or"
Very true. there really is only one option.

Luke83 @luke83

if you hover over the link, one actually links to UFO and the other to TFTD :)

PrecentorApollyon @precentor-apollyon

This is information for those whom are interested. Please note this community pack is currently not compatible to any version of my Hybrid mod. However, if any whom are keen, the Underwater Battlescape pallets and the vanilla edition of this pack can made be compatible with some .rul script modding. All the TFTD Terrains, maps and route are already available in the Hybrid mod with Underwater Bullet Trails. UFO and TFTD aliens does terror missions from either side of both games and more. The Hybrid mod already has its own mission zones for Land, sea and shipping strikes. This posting is not to compete with the Community pack, but to clarify which feature already is existing in my Hybrid mod, should any modder wishes to attempt in merging this community pack with my Hybrid mod. Unfortunately, I won't be making a compatible patch like I did with Luke's Hybrid Globe, due to timing availability. Should any user wants this community pack, they either have to do it themselves or wait for the authors from this community pack to make it compatible. Thank you. -Precentor Apollyon

Luke83 @luke83

LOL, dont think the above disclaimer is really needed as in general most mods are not considered "compatible" with other mods unless specifically tested :)

Dioxine @dioxine

This guy... is special :)