BasicArmorPedia for OpenXcom

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Published by Lex (mod ID: 438)


It always bothered me that I never knew the stats for the starter armor compared to the ones you can research.

This mod adds entries for them. I made this to make myself more familiar with Ufopedia modding and thought I could also share it if someone is interested. It doesn't change any stats.

There are possible incompatibilities with mods that makes changes to the vanilla starter coverall/diving suit as they now have a new name instead of "none".

There is a version for UFO and TFTD included in the zip.


  • Unzip file
  • Copy folders into OpenXcom user/mods folder
  • Activate mod in the options




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n7kopper @n7kopper

I might use this mod as a basis for an overall script tweak for both games to give ammo types more appropriate names (the Pistol and Rifle are NOT loaded with clips, but the Auto Cannon and Heavy Cannon ARE) and fix formatting errors and the like.

Might change the description of the Diving Suit to mention alien alloy rather than kevlar, though. Of course I won't release it without permission to use your art.