And They shall know no fear: a 40k submod for OpenXcom

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Published by Silgidorn (mod ID: 176296)


This is a submod of the 40k mod, so it won't work without it.

The mod just modifies the bravery range for space marine recruits from 10-60 to 50-60. It is very simple. The loyalist space marines in 40k are famously linked to this phrase : "And They shall know no fear", but my bravery 10 captain didn't seem to know it.

For installation, download the file and put in docs>OpenXcom>mods. When you launch the game be sure to turn the And They shall know no fear mod on.

I want to thank Filip H and the 40k mod creators: bulletdesigner, Ryskeliini and ohartenstein23.




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inke_noir @inke-noir

this would be such a great mod for standard OXC / OXCE.... not something I'd always play with, but an option that would really rule.