Alien Armoury Expanded History

FilenameVersionAddedSizeMD5 Hash

Aug 15 2018 - 1.5b

EDIT: Plasma Caster added.
EDIT: Language fix.
EDIT: ListOrder fix.
EDIT: Alternative Plasma Blaster sprites added.
EDIT: Sprite screw-up fixed.
EDIT: Sprite screw-up fixed AGAIN.
EDIT: And again. I should be paid for doing this.
EDIT: Added Toxigun.
EDIT: Added new UFOs from my otherwise incompatible Solar's New UFOs mod.
EDIT: Fixed Lab Ship map.
EDIT: Fixed case-sensitiveness for Linux users.
EDIT: Lowered Plasma Blaster's damage a bit.
EDIT: Map fixes, less pistols in later game.
EDIT: Added Fatrat's Elerium Bomb to the deal (by popular demand, and it's pretty wicked).
EDIT: Fixed some maps and added translations.
EDIT: Added many ship variants by Hellrazor. Added Spanish and German translation (extracted from Final Mod Pack).
EDIT: Fixed a bug in the languages.
EDIT: Updated the mod to the OpenXCom changes. If you're still using the 1.0 release (stable), please use 1.3.9 instead of 1.5.