40k History

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20hours ago - 017

Update 17-01-2019
- Added Accatran Pattern Lasguns to the list of randomized weapons in ruins maps
- Fixed explosions being able to propagate through the front of Chimeras
- Changed Chimera on outpost map
Marine Content
- Imperial Fist sub-mod
- Signal Armor Correction
- keepCraftAfterFailedMission for Thunderhawk transport
Guard Content
- New sprites for Tauros Lascannon Turret, corpse sprite for Tauros Grenade Launcher Turret
- Added a new recurring mission to rescue stranded PDF Forces from their downed Valkyrie
- Added a new map for the PDF Outpost Defense to give the mission some variety
- Small tweaks to the first PDF Outpost Defense Map
- Pushed back appearance of Raptors and Traitor Marines on PDF Outpost defense

Jan 10 2019 - 016

Update 10-01-2019
- Statstrings moved to auxiliary mod, turn on and off by activating/deactivating the mod from the options menu
- Testing new script to change overweight penalty to remove energy instead of TUs
- Added an assistance article to provide a short explanation of the new mechanics
- Terminator weapons retain the TU penalty in addition to the new energy penalty when overweight
- Guard Heavy Bolter no longer removes energy on kneeling
- Corrected and edited many of the mod's strings (credit to TheDeparted)
Marine Content
- Updating geoscape markers for Stormraven
- Updating Craft image for Stormraven
- Scout Armor color corrections
- Small fixes
- Inquisition Full arc
- Grey Knights
Guard Content
- Fixed morale gain from executing traitors, broken due to last version's update
- Changed Craft Quad Autocannon again to differentiate it from the (renamed) Marine's Craft Assault Cannon
- Added the Marauder Destroyer as a mid-tier fire support interceptor.
- Added Sanctioned Psykers as a late-game soldier type, with a number of different disciplines and abilities based on choice of armor.
- Added hand-held autocannons.
- Added the first of a set of monthly missions, an outpost defense after you've completed training.
- Added the script that forces hits on the front armor as long as the shooter is in within diagonally in front of the target to the mounted weapon armors.
- Added an article to explain how to execute traitors with Commissars.
- Added articles to explain Officer and Veteran promotions.
- Added deployed bipod sprites for Heavy Stubber when kneeling
- New article images for Craft Multilaser, Quad Lascannon, and Quad Autocannon

Dec 29 2018 - 015

Update 29-12-2018
- Ork Strings Fix
- LOS for chaos psi
Marine Content
- Bike armor Fix
- Honor Assault armor Fix
- Stormraven turret
- GK Stormraven
- Goggles by layer
- Centurion face fix
- Ufopedia fixes
- Mission 7 fix
IG Content
- Added photon flash grenade as a mid-tier tool for assaults
- Added Carapace medic armor
- Updated medic inventory image, battlescape sprites, and armor preview
- Updated Taurox map and turret images
- Updated how the Commissar's traitor execution functions, limited to only IG units
- Fixed drawing routines for IG armors

Dec 11 2018 - 014

Update 11-12-2018
- Guard merged (now available on this download)
- Removed requirement of using a corpse for the dreadnought transformation
- Krak missiles for missile launcher now have a small AoE radius and do explosive damage, but reduced power
- Added krak grenades
- Removed non-soldier versions of assault bike and dreadnoughts
- Rebalanced unit vision
- Some string cleanup
- Mission 7
For Guard:
- Increased quad-linked autocannon damage to match the airborne version, reduced range to compensate
For Marines:
- 3 new armors for each strategy
- Armors are by layers now (so everyone can mod and create their own chapter)
- Resources are linked by chapter (so everyone can mod and create their own chapter)