This is a Warhammer 40k total conversion for OpenXcom, based on an earlier space marine mod by Ryskeliini. As Force Commander for the Imperium of Man on a planet beseiged by Chaos, you must find a way to end the Warp Storm and purge your world!

By Ryskeliini, bulletdesigner, ohartenstein23, and many contributors from the OXC forums

Installation and Update Instructions Video:


  • Download and install OpenXcom Extended (OXCE), version 5.6.3 or later, by Meridian and Yankes
  • Run OXCE after copying the UFO files to generate the user/mods folder
  • Download the 40k files, and unzip into the mods folder
  • Run OXCE, go to Options > Mods and select "40k" from the drop-down menu at the top
  • (Optional) If the Music is playing the UFO soundtrack, check Options > Audio > Music Format, and set it to "Auto" or "OGG" if it isn't one of those.
  • (Optional) Turn on the Stat Strings mod under Options > Mods
  • (Optional) Turn on the Chapter Change mod under Options > Mods to change the look of your Space Marines to the Imperial Fists or the Blood Angels Chapters

Reduced Download Install:

  • If you already have the mod Version 022, want a smaller download, and are comfortable manually moving some files within the mod folder, pick the download.
  • Follow the instructions for Updating below, but when you remove the previous version, keep the folders 40k/Resources/ANIMS and 40k/SOUND.
  • After putting the updated 40k folder into user/mods, put the folders you kept from the previous version into the same places in the new version.
  • If the game doesn't work correctly after this, try the full download/update.


  • Save any current campaign in the Geoscape. Loading a Battlescape save from a previous version is more likely to cause bugs and crashes, and is not recommended.
  • Remove the previous version's 40k folders from your OXCE mods folder.
  • Download the new version's files and unzip into the mods folder. Your previous saves should be compatible if made during the Geoscape.


  • Big props to Ryskeliini for the space marine stuff and Dixone for the help
  • Used a lot of maps from Terrainpack so special thanks to Hobbes also so help on side


Sprites, sounds, maps, ruleset code etc:

  • All around thanks to everyone, I used lot of stuff from other mods for reference and change it to 40k universe
  • Background images from various internet sources


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OpenXcom Extended (OXCE)




















Guest @guest

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Guest @guest

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Grilovanov @grilovanov

Hi! Getting this error when trying to start the mod:
Error processing 'STR_HEAVY_PLASMA' in manufacture: Manufacturing time must be greater than zero.;
Can you please clarify what could I do wrong?

viilratha @viilratha

I'm getting the same error. Just downloaded it. I tried looking into the mod a little bit but all I see is the file manufacture_IG in the ruleset folder and it doesn't have an entry for STR_HEAVY_PLASMA

covaguido @covaguido

It's in the 40k.rule file, you need to add time values for it and for the plasma pistol and rifle
OXCE 6.2 added - Mod startup check: Manufacturing time must be greater than zero
This is a modified rul file for 40k_023 you can use:

viilratha @viilratha

Thank you so much! I would have never been able to find that on my own!

sotales @sotales

Just downloaded this mod and noticed a little typo. See linked image:

Guest @guest

Hi, I've recently installed this mod as per the instructions in the video (OXCE, patch, mod) but for some reason when I start a game with the 40k mod activated, the globe looks really weird, with continents all merging into each other. This doesn't happen when the mod isn't activated and it continues to be an issue even if I install an earlier version. Do you know what the issue might be as I am having a hard time trying to find a solution?

Guest @guest

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ohartenstein23 @ohartenstein23

We changed the globe since the planet isn't supposed to be Earth but a generic Earth-like planet.

Guest @guest

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Guest @guest

Hello! I recently found this mod and I love it very much! But I was wondering if I'm playing it wrong because I can't seem to progress further from the very start of the game, Marines/Guards mostly lack strengths to carry good weapons and their accuracies are very horrible too; I at least thought Marines would be somewhat better. Many of the battles include enemies with tanks yet my team doesn't have very many means of fighting them.

I'm very sorry about the newbie rant, but I was just wondering if I was playing it wrong and if there were any set ways of playing at the start of the game.

ohartenstein23 @ohartenstein23

The two things I find most important are heavy weapons and abusing line of site. Read the codex article on heavy weapons - the penalty isn't the same as in vanilla, so going overweight doesn't matter as much. Scout out an enemy position, then use a unit with a sniper rifle/missile launcher/heavy bolter/etc. that's either far enough back or behind enough smoke to not be seen to shoot the target. If it doesn't die, hide your scout in cover until next turn and repeat.

Tanks require a bit more care but similar strategy - many missiles, or use las weapons to chew away the armor. Make sure you take cover to not get shot!

Also remember that losing a few soldiers isn't the end of a campaign, winning every mission isn't necessary, and that you can retreat if you don't think you can beat something

Guest @guest

Hey, I just installed mod and have played whit scouts for few mouths so do I get tactical marines anyday or is that choice you make at the start, so you play only whit thous?

ohartenstein23 @ohartenstein23

You get Tactical Marines by equipping your marines in MK7 Tactical Armor, something you need to research and manufacture. If you selected the Tactical Strategy at the beginning of the game, it will be easier to research the Tactical Armor.

Guest @guest

I hope someone makes a sub mod that adds a bit of the raiding and shipping as the piratez kind and you get to play as the dark eldar tortureing a world...*Dark eldar maniac laughing intensifies

ohartenstein23 @ohartenstein23

That would be quite the large sub-mod, to the point I'd recommend just making a new conversion and borrowing resources from this one.

Guest @guest

I hope we get a Carcharodon chapter.

Guest @guest

The mod is quite well done..good work!

gonciarz @gonciarz

Hi, I added ArchLinux support for you mod. Please take a look here:

ohartenstein23 @ohartenstein23

Thanks, but I don't think this is really necessary since OXCE is already supported on Arch, and the mod itself doesn't need any modification to run on different operating systems.

Guest @guest

I discussed with WorMzy to add OXCE support since the compilation process is exactly the same as for OpenXcom. But after adding a package we are able to automatically apply your mod to OS without manual steps.

darkdiaz51 @darkdiaz51

Probably is a good way to make it more native, but all you have to do is copy the mods folder to where your version is stored on your system. I did this on Android.